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Neighbourhood Watch Program
What does a Neighborhood Watch do?

A Neighborhood Watch is neighbors helping neighbors. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping each other.

What are my responsibilities as a Watch Member?

  • Be alert!
  • Know your neighbors and watch out for each other.
  • Report crimes and suspicious activities to the Police.

What kind of activities should I be aware of?

  • Someone screaming or shouting for help.
  • Someone looking in windows of houses or parked cars.
  • Property being taken out of houses when no one is at home or from closed businesses.
  • Vehicles moving slowly for no apparent reason.
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle. Strangers sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child.

What are the major components of a Watch Program?

  • Meetings - Set up on a regular basis.
  • Communications - Can be as simple as a flyer posted on community bulletin boards.
  • Special Events - These are crucial to keep the program going and growing. Host a talk on current issues. Adopt a park or playground. Sponsor a block
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