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Block Parent Program
We provide a network of police-screened, easily recognizable, safe homes for members of the community, especially children, to turn to in times of distress.
  • The Block Parent Program is a non-profit volunteer organization. It brings about safe streets for all citizens in Canada through encouraging co-operation between citizens, law enforcement agencies, School Boards, all levels of government and a host of businesses and service clubs involved in financial aid.

  • Bound together in a federation of Block Parent communities across Canada and working in co-operation with one another, Block Parents form a strong safety network for all Canadians.

  • A Block Parent is any responsible adult concerned about the well-being of children. The adult's home is offered as a safe refuge for a child in trouble.

  • Anyone over the age of eighteen may apply regardless of their status; single, married, working, retired. They submit to security-screening through the application and agree to display their sign responsibly.

  • Many adults work outside their home and without Block Parent volunteers, a terrified child could go to several homes before finding someone to help. This delay could result in tragedy.

Children should use a Block Parent Home when alarmed by strangers or vicious animals. When he/she or a playmate is involved in an accident. When ill. When lost. When threatened by bullies.
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